Will Putrajaya review ‘huge’ number of foreign missions abroad, asks MP

A resistance MP today addressed whether Putrajaya means to audit the quantity of unfamiliar missions it has around the world, saying it was “somewhat immense”, when contrasted with the country’s Asean neighbors.

Wong Hon Wai (PH-Bukit Bendera) said there were 111 unfamiliar missions in 85 nations.

He said this was more than whatever Singapore and Thailand had, with the island republic having 47 workplaces in 31 nations. He didn’t give the figures to Thailand.

“Are we going to investigate an essential realignment and perhaps center around key regions, for example, ones that include our business or key accomplices?” he said while discussing the unfamiliar service’s 2022 Supply Bill designation at the advisory group stage.Wong had before noticed that there was an expansion in portions for the unfamiliar service.

An aggregate of RM868 million had been reserved for the service under Budget 2022, contrasted with RM778 million under the past government financial plan.

He likewise scrutinized the job of an uncommon agent, which accompanied a clerical position.

Recently, it was accounted for that MIC president SA Vigneswaran had been named uncommon agent to South Asia.

In September, it was reported that PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang and Progressive Democratic Party president Tiong King Sing will proceed in their individual jobs as uncommon agents to the Middle East and China.

Previous HR serve Richard Riot Jaem was likewise named a unique emissary for East Asia.

“How powerful are they?” Wong inquired.

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