Widow time-barred, can’t seek damages for lock-up death, says govt lawyer

A widow whose spouse passed on under police authority can’t bring one more polite suit against Putrajaya due to a Federal Court administering made last year, an administration legal advisor said.

Senior administrative advice Raja Zaizul Faridah Raja Zaharudin said a three-part peak court seat decided on Dec 20 that family members of casualties who kicked the bucket in guardianship should record their suits against the public authority inside three years of the episode.

“Segment 2(a) of the Public Authorities Protection Act 1948 (PAPA) makes it obligatory for common activity to be documented inside a long time from the date of death in such cases,” she submitted in the High Court here today.

She was reacting to R Kaliamah, who early this year documented the activity for the public authority to remunerate her for the passing of her better half, P Karuna Nithi, at the Tampin police lock-up eight years prior.

Kaliamah, 44, who incorporated her youngsters, K Yugesh Varan, 22, and Kisho Kumar, 20, in the lawful activity, likewise needs an assertion that 16 litigants, including 14 cops, had disregarded their freedoms under Article 5 (1) of the Federal Constitution.


Raja Zaizul said the court had no ward to save the time bar under the Act.

“Area 2(a) was passed by Parliament as accommodated under the Federal Constitution. The court has no circumspection to pronounce the arrangement unlawful,” she said in the procedures directed online before legal chief John Lee.

Legal advisor Gopal Sri Ram, who addressed Kaliamah and her kids, presented that the offended parties had brought an established case as Karuna Nithi was denied of his life.

Sri Ram said the Federal Court had wouldn’t engage Kaliamah before on the grounds that it was a carelessness guarantee under the law of misdeed.

He said an offended party and the public authority who need to bring a customary case have six years to do as such under the Limitation Act.

“Dad oppresses the offended party, who is given three years to document the carelessness suit against the public authority,” he said.

The offended parties are likewise looking for a presentation that Section 2(a) of PAPA is ultra vires Article 8(1) and 69(2) of the Constitution.

They need an important request that the arrangement be adjusted by the court under Articles 162 (6) and (7) to carry it into accord with the Constitution either by revoking it or by revising it, by subbing the words “three years” to “72 months”.

Karuna Nithi was captured on May 28, 2013, however kicked the bucket in care on June 1, 2013, with 49 new wounds on his body.

In her affirmation, Kaliamah said the first to thirteenth litigants under the course, law and strategy organization of the assessor general of police, the home pastor and the public authority were vicariously responsible.

Following an examination, the offended parties documented a suit for carelessness and attack against the litigants, for causing Karuna Nithi’s passing, at the Seremban High Court on Jan 25, 2018.

Nonetheless, Kaliamah said the respondents on Oct 8, 2018 prevailed with regards to striking out the suit on grounds that the time had come banished by Section 2(a) of PAPA.

The Federal Court last December excused the allure, as the reason for activity should begin from the date of the passing of the perished and not from the date of the examination decision.

The pinnacle court said Kaliamah ought to have documented her case prior to June 1, 2016.

Lee fixed Dec 21 to convey his decision.

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