Govt wins bid to forfeit RM182,000 found in ex-judge’s chambers


The meetings court today permitted the public authority’s application to relinquish RM182,000 found in the offices of an adjudicator during a strike directed by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) two years prior.

Judge Rozilah Salleh said she dismissed the dispute of previous Kuala Kubu Bharu meetings court judge Azmil Muntapha Abas, 47, that the cash was a credit.

Financial specialist Leong Peng Woon came in as an outsider to guarantee the RM182,100.

“The court tracks down that activities and explanations by the respondent (Azmil) and Leong are a bit of hindsight and neglected to demonstrate the cash was a credit,” she said.

Rozilah said she was fulfilled that the relinquishment was an aftereffect of Azmil taking hush-money, which was an offense under Section 17(a) of the MACC Act.

The relinquishment application was made under Section 41 of the MACC Act as Azmil was not arraigned.

Azmil, who was unrepresented, was in court while legal advisor Hasshahari Johari Mawi showed up for Leong. Delegate public investigators Allan Suman Pillai and Maziah Mohaide addressed MACC.

Last month, the meetings court cleared three lawful specialists, including Azmil, for taking kickbacks of RM17,500 two years prior.

The other two are previous representative public examiner Khairul Azhwa Yusri Mohamad, 34, and legal advisor Noor Amirul Nazreen Anas, 33.

Judge Rihaida Rafie said the indictment had neglected to demonstrate a by all appearances argument against them.

The triplet were blamed for taking kickbacks from Wong Chiew Hoong as a prompting for Azmil to allot a lighter sentence as a fine on seven unlawful outsiders for abusing the Immigration Act.

They were claimed to have submitted the offense at the Kuala Kubu Bharu meetings court on July 17.

The indictment has since recorded an allure.

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