12-year limit for independent directors from 2022, says SC

From the following year, the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) will force a compulsory 12-year residency limit on free chiefs.

This is to guarantee that sheets have the right blend of chiefs to react to difficulties, and expect future dangers and openings.

“This will be presented in the posting prerequisites in 2022 on essential board reward.

“We will be working intimately with the Institutional Investors Council and the Minority Shareholders Watch Group,” the SC said in a specialized preparation today.


“An adjustment of the abilities profile and sythesis of the governing body is needed to satisfy the developing need for organizations to advance past the customary accentuation on investors and benefit augmentation, towards more noteworthy thought of more extensive partners’ inclinations,” it added.

The Corporate Governance Strategic Priorities 2021-2023 (CG Strategic Priorities) delivered today uncovered that as of Oct 31, 2021, 46% of recorded organizations have something like one long-serving autonomous chief on the board (residency of nine years or more), with 500 board positions held by similar free chief for over 12 years, out of which, 89 positions are for over 20 years.

“On certain sheets, the test is more intense as they have a few autonomous chiefs with a residency up to 30 years,” the report said.

Regarding the significance of the 12-year limit, the SC said it had gotten input from partners that the length was considered proper as chiefs expect time to get more familiar with the business, its activities and the difficulties that the organization faces before they can add to its development.

“We got an inquiry on the drawbacks of having a free board staying there for a very long time.

“At the point when you have been on the board for a really long time, you might be denying the load up the chance to invigorate its piece, to acquire new abilities and new chiefs with an alternate encounter to convey.

“The more drawn out a free chief serves on the board, the more outlandish the board will create restricting perspectives, which could prompt a more strong conversation.

“Thus, when there isn’t a variety of perspectives and everybody is pulling a similar way, we accept the board’s dynamic won’t be as powerful,” the SC expressed, adding that it had thought about the acts of some institutional financial backers, which had an extremely clear arrangement on the residency of free chiefs.

The SC said a 12-year residency would be reasonable for both the board, investors and partners.

The CG Strategic Priorities report centers around supporting recorded organizations to react to the ascent of the partner economy that calls for organizations to make an incentive for a more extensive range of partners, and to affect the climate as well as the other way around.

The report sees five pushes and 11 vital drives to, among others, reinforce board limit in tending to supportability and scale-up financial backer stewardship.

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